Hang Lung Stepathon Challenge to Herald a Healthy Life

Corporate Update | Nov 18, 2022

Stay grounded to herald a healthy life! In October, the Hang Lung Stepathon Challenge, part of an initiative to raise awareness about employee wellbeing, was presented to encourage staff to Step Up whenever, wherever, and however they like, to lead a healthier lifestyle by staying active in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Participants were challenged to complete a minimum of 186,000 steps as a solo stepper or 558,000 steps as a team of three throughout the challenge period to receive an array of rewards. During October, participating colleagues completed 545,489,557 steps in total, clocking up around 327,300 km which is equal to about eight circles around the earth! Together, they stepped-up to embark on a rewarding and healthy journey.

“Employees wellbeing is of utmost importance to us! We have established Wellness@HL Program, an initiative to improve employee health and wellbeing at the beginning of this year, and the Hang Lung Stepathon Challenge is a company-wide event that is part of the initiative to encourage all the employees from Hong Kong and mainland China to encourage one another to get the most out of maintaining an active lifestyle to maximize the benefits of exercising,” said Ms. Janet Poon, Deputy Director (Head of Group HR & Administration).


“We walked about 30,000 steps daily, which doubled our personal best compared to our usual habits. Being part of a team where everyone was supporting and motivating each other to move made the challenge more fun and social. We looked into ways to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives because every step counts, be it was getting off the bus or subway one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way, or commuting to work by bike. We will continue sticking to the habit as it brings about many health benefits, both for physical and mental wellbeing.”

Vivian Zhang, Simon Song, Jessie Hu 

Forum 66, Shenyang (Team Participants)


“I always try to fit more cardio exercise into my schedule, such as runs before work, or a lunch break walk once or twice a week. It leaves me energized and clear-headed. The Hang Lung Stepathon Challenge helped raise my awareness of the number of daily steps I take, for example, I would deliberately walk a little longer or get off one train station earlier to reach my daily goal.” 

Denny Chen, 

Finance Department, Hong Kong (Solo Stepper)


“I participated in the initiative to see if I can challenge myself to reach the minimum monthly 186,000 steps goal. Walking helps increase my flexibility and is a great way to get the physical activity needed to obtain health benefits.”

Edmond Chu, 

Administration Department, Hong Kong (Solo Stepper)

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