HOUSE 66 CRM Program

Feature Story | Sep 1, 2018

In an affirmation of its commitment to customer centricity and service excellence, Hang Lung announced the launch of its brand-new customer relationship management (CRM) program, HOUSE 66, at its flagship project, Plaza 66 in Shanghai. HOUSE 66 is dedicated to providing customers with unique and personalized services, enabling the Company to establish a more personal and enduring relationship with its customers.

CEO Mr. Weber Lo said, "As a commercial real estate company with a customer-centric and marketing-driven strategy at the very heart of our operations, Hang Lung pays attention to developing modes of communication with our customers that can foster the building of lasting relationships. We uphold this vision and approach in our daily operations. HOUSE 66 will allow us to capture and make use of big data for formulating more effective leasing and business campaigns. Together with various tailor-made and exclusive member services, we will be able to offer a truly unique experience to our loyal customers."

"What's more, HOUSE 66 will engage our distinguished tenants with other international brands in collaborations that will provide unique offerings and exclusive experiences for our shoppers, with the ultimate goal of achieving a win-win-win situation with our shoppers and tenants."

HOME TO LUXURY Party Celebrates Hang Lung's Success
As a continuation of the celebration of the Plaza 66's mega transformation last year, the mall organized a large-scale event on September 7 (Friday) and which was attended by more than 2,000 guests, consolidating its market position as the Home to Luxury. A ceremony for The Lounge was also held to introduce Emerald Members of HOUSE 66 to their luxurious retreat at the heart of the mall.

Celebrating the continued vibrancy of Plaza 66's HOME TO LUXURY success story, CEO Mr. Weber Lo, Executive Director Mr. Adriel Chan, Executive Director Mr. Norman Chan, Director – Leasing & Management Mr. Derek Pang, and General Manager of Plaza 66 Ms. Vera Wu officiated the event's opening ceremony together with renowned actor Daniel Wu, acclaimed actress Zhang Yuqi, and illustrious Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi of the Forbes "30 Under 30" list of the most influential European artists.

General Manager of Plaza 66, Ms. Vera Wu said, "Plaza 66 has a customer-centric approach to the provision of service excellence as the top priority of its daily operations. The official launch of The Lounge to our Emerald Members indeed marks an important new milestone in building a closer and more direct relationship with our customers. The Lounge will become a crucial connection between Plaza 66 and its members that will also provide prestigious tailored service experiences to our guests."

World-class Design Exhibits Extraordinary Taste at The Lounge
Born of the imagination of world-class designer Ilse Crawford, The Lounge creates a luxuriously intimate environment as the setting for a rich menu of personalized services. The Home Away From Home design concept aims to provide customers with a unique and sumptuous, yet welcomingly homely, venue for parties and gatherings.

The exquisite décor of The Lounge highlights the spatial attributes of the venue, clothing them in understated luxury, with multiple textures and striking colors lifting functionality to artistry. The Lounge offers a variety of unique spaces, including living rooms, dining rooms, and dressing rooms. Each room can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of customers and tenants. Every space in The Lounge creates an intimate atmosphere where guests can not only relax with friends and family, but also enjoy the exclusive services of a personal shopping guide. The Lounge also features screening venues and event venues, making it the perfect choice for private banquets and international brand exhibitions.

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