Sustainability in Action

Sustainability | Jun 1, 2019

As part of its continuous effort to building a sustainable business, Hang Lung has adopted a new strategic sustainability framework to set longer-term sustainable targets in 2018 and reached some milestones. To keep the momentum and continue moving forward, the Company has recently published its Sustainability Report 2018 (the Report), Our Sustainable Future, to outline its sustainability action plan till 2030.

In this issue of Connections, we will take a glance at the key points of the sustainability action plan and review the achievements of our efforts in corporate sustainability over the past years.


A Comprehensive Plan to Foster Sustainable Growth

The Report emphasized three key areas of focus, namely Future of ExperienceFuture of Space, and Best-in-Class Operating Practice. “Experience” refers to people wellbeing; “space” refers to our green buildings and environmental measures; and “operating practice” refers to our excellent efforts in corporate governance, supply chain management and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Enhancing Experience for Better Living

Our people are always a priority at Hang Lung. Therefore, the Company has put effort into enhancing our customer and employee experiences. From the Report, there are three goals to achieve in this area. The first goal is to engage our customers and tenants to drive sustainable changes and create value for our future. But how may this be achieved?

In September 2018, the Company launched a brand-new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program HOUSE 66. This CRM program helps to capture and make use of big data to formulate more effective leasing and business campaigns to enable us to offer a truly unique experience to customers along with exclusive services for members.

The wellness of our people is also important, hence the second and third goals are our ambitious plans to enhance the quality of living. With this in mind, the Company launched the Clean Air Initiative in 2016 to enhance air filtration systems at Hang Lung’s Mainland properties. All enhancement works were successfully completed by the end of 2018.

In order to fulfill the rising expectations of customers for better quality of living, and to create a workplace that curates experiences and incubates innovations, the Company set an ambition that by 2030 all properties and workplaces managed by Hang Lung would achieve international wellness standards.

Recruiting and retaining talented employees is also crucial to the Company’s sustainable growth. To recruit new talents as our future management, the Company launched the Young Elite Success (YES) Program in 2018. The YES program, comprising the Hang Lung Management Trainee Program and Hang Lung Internship Program, not only gives talented youngsters a great learning opportunity but also helps the Company to build its talent pool.

Retaining talented employees is another key to the Company’s sustainable future. Apart from providing competitive remuneration and benefits packages, the Company also encourages employees to explore new job challenges and opportunities in different departments, continuously engage in self-improvement, and most importantly maintain a work-life balance. To this end, the Company has implemented various awards, initiatives, training programs, and family-friendly policies and activities, such as the CEO Award to encourage cross-departmental collaboration, the Emerald Award to recognize the service excellence by frontline staff, the CareerConnect program to encourage internal transfers, and more, so as to build employee loyalty.

Building a Greener Environment

Upholding our sustainability principle, Build to Own, Build to Last, the Company has always been committed to meeting international green building standards. For properties in operation, we set a target that all existing properties need to achieve low-impact operations that go beyond industry standards along with a further reduction in commercial waste going to landfill by 2030. In addition, the Company has undertaken various measures to reduce carbon intensity and emissions to ease climate change. For projects under development, the Company has implemented green measures during the construction process. Apart from incorporating sustainable methods and technologies in our projects, the Company has set up a taskforce to foster the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in our projects to avoid wastage and achieve higher cost-effectiveness throughout the project development cycle.


Striving for Excellence

“Building a sustainable future” has become the common goal for “Hang Lung people”. To plan ahead and achieve our sustainability goals, the Company has set up a Sustainability Steering Committee (the Committee) chaired by Executive Director Mr. Adriel Chan. A Sustainability Team, which is responsible for analyzing sustainable trends and formulating the Company’s sustainability plans and strategies, has also been established to support the work of the Committee.

To date, the Company has received several local and international awards. These recognitions are benchmark affirmations of our efforts in corporate governance, people development, and corporate social responsibility.


Building Our Sustainable Future

The Company’s sustainable future is not only a matter for management but involves all Hang Lung colleagues working in union for the betterment of the communities in which we operate. Therefore, Hang Lung invites you to join us hand-in-hand in building a sustainable future and creating a better living environment for ourselves and the next generations.


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