Nature X Art X Lifestyle: Experiencing the “Green Circle” Journey

Sustainability | Jul 1, 2022

Hang Lung is committed to embedding sustainability at the heart of our operations. Recently, Plaza 66 in Shanghai launched a sustainability campaign themed “Green Circle”. In collaboration with our tenants and a popular artist, immersive art installations and environmental workshops were organized to lead our customers to experience a green and sustainable lifestyle.

Invisible Art Installation in the Daytime

Art is usually made to be appreciated by humans, but an installation at Plaza 66, Shanghai is designed to also be viewed by birds. Named “Art For All”, the installation was created by Celyn Bricker, British Visual Artist, who applied artificial intelligence patterns to Plaza 66’s exterior glass surfaces. The art installation aimed to raise awareness of bird-window collisions, and the importance of biological diversity in the city.

The artworks draw inspiration from bird-window collisions. Part of the artworks applied a special paint which is visible to birds but invisible to humans in daylight 

At night, the areas with the special paint will be activated using ultraviolet light to present the whole artwork, allowing humans to feel and view the structure through the eyes of the birds

Tenants’ Sustainable Development

In collaboration with tenants, Plaza 66 organized a “Green Passport” check-in activity. Customers could browse the brands’ range of sustainable products online and collect stamps in their green passport at designated shops or installations during their visit, to win prizes.

Off the Grid is an extension of Gucci's program Circular Lines, an ongoing initiative to implement circular production that aims to reduce waste by reintroducing byproducts back in to the supply chain

Chopard's gold supply chain for its fine jewelry has been 100% ethical as of 2018

Mulberry launched a low carbon leather collection

Products of Diptyque are housed in an elegant glass bottle that can easily be recycled

Sustainability Workshops

Starting in June, Plaza 66 launched a series of sustainability workshops to lead customers to live a green life through multi-interactive experiences.

Dried Flowers capture the beauty and the vibrancy of natural flowers. The workshop encouraged participants to give flowers a second life through their creativity 

During the “Art For All” workshop, participants created their own unique patterns to help birds avoid window collisions

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