Waste Reduction Initiatives at Hang Lung to Pursue Sustainable Living

Sustainability | Nov 18, 2022

Hang Lung recognizes that resource management is one of the key areas to advance our sustainability agenda. Under our Sustainability Framework’s four priorities, resource management targets to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by minimizing resource consumption and maximizing recycling. Therefore, the Company has incorporated waste reduction initiatives into our daily operations and joined waste management programs to encourage staff and tenants to lessen our impact on the environment.


Learn how to save costs and natural resources for you and the community by reducing, reusing, and recycling through waste reduction programs.

Reduce Landfill Waste through Recycling or Donation Campaign


Hang Lung x Feimayi Old Clothes Collection

We joined hands with non-governmental Organization, Feimayi, to launch a used clothes recycling campaign at 10 of our malls on the Mainland. The activity received an overwhelming response with 5,000 kg of clothes collected during the campaign. Some of the collected clothes were given a second life as school uniforms and sent to a primary school in Yunnan.


Get Redressed Clothing Drive

In Hong Kong, we took part in the city’s largest clothing drive, the Get Redressed Clothing Drive in October, organized by environmental charity, Redress, to raise awareness about reducing fashion waste and giving unwanted clothes a new life. Staff members were encouraged to bring clothes and fashion accessories in clean condition and drop them in boxes located in the Standard Chartered Bank Building or Gala Place. A total of 16.2 tonnes of clothes were collected in Hong Kong. Also, Redress representative was invited to share cloth recycling, reuse and circular economy concept to our colleagues through Academy 66 on November 8.

Recycle and Redistribute Items Purposely


Recycling Program for Old Purchased Copiers

To provide staff members with a comfortable work environment and advanced facilities, all purchased copiers have been replaced at our Hong Kong and mainland China offices. Through our Recycling Program, 23 old copiers that are still in working condition have been donated to NGOs and schools, while seven old copiers were sent to a commercial recycler to dismantle and recover useful parts and materials. Students were excited about their schools receiving the copiers and sent thank you cards and letters of appreciation to us to express their gratitude.


Food Waste Collection

We engaged more than 20 F&B tenants at Amoy Plaza and Kornhill Plaza in Hong Kong to collect food waste for recycling. Food waste was collected by an appointed service contractor and sent to the Organic Waste Treatment Facilities in Siu Ho Wan,  where they were converted into useful products such as compost and biogas for renewable energy.

Making Use of Available Recycling Networks

In order to raise employee awareness of environmental protection and gradually make a habit of waste reduction and recycling in their daily lives, the Company has worked closely with Recycle Cycle, an environmental recycling organization to encourage employees, customers, and tenants to participate in various environmental and recycling programs, such as: 

  • Collecting recyclable items such as paper, metal, glass, and plastic, and passing them to an effective recycling network – Green Community
  • Provide recycling services for hazardous waste, including clinical waste, to tenants located in Hang Lung Centre, Grand Plaza, the office tower at Kornhill Plaza, Grand Centre, and Hanford Commercial Centre
  • Offer recycling services for used fluorescent lights at all Hong Kong properties, and collecting  rechargeable batteries at Kowloon properties and Amoy Gardens.

You can reduce waste both at work and at home with a few simple changes. Remember the three tips, “reduce, recycle and reuse” to save the earth.

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