Recycling Preloved Clothing for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability | Mar 1, 2022

Resource Management is one of the four priorities under our sustainability framework. We have joined hands with the national NGO Flying Ant to launch a used clothes recycling campaign in 10 of our malls on the Mainland, encouraging our customers to donate preloved items of clothing to the organization as a part of a public environmental protection awareness campaign.

The Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team supports the campaign

The Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team helps to collect preloved clothing

Flying Ant is one of the largest used clothing recycling platforms in mainland China. Clothes it collects are sent to people in need or recycled and upcycled to give them a second life. Our campaign aims to collect 5,000 kg of clothes for the organization, in support of a sustainable future.

Tenants in various malls sponsor shopping vouchers to incentivize customers to support the campaign

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