Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund

Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund

The Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund was first set up in February 2020 with a donation of RMB 10 million, supporting pandemic countermeasures in both Hong Kong and on the Mainland through targeted programs to aid community groups adversely affected by the pandemic, including RMB 6 million contributed to finance the establishment of Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan. 

In 2022, Hang Lung announced a further donation of HK$ 10 million and RMB 3 million to endow the Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund 2.0 to fully support urgent public pandemic countermeasures in Hong Kong and the mainland, and provide target assistance to the vulnerable in the community.


Donation of HKD 6 Million to “Mobile Cabin Hospitals”

Donates 10,000 “Anti-Pandemic Care Packs” to patients being treated in mobile cabin hospitals and to the wider community 


Donation of Over 30,000 Rapid Antigen Test Kits

Benefiting children undergoing medical treatment and follow-up at the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, and their carers


Donation of 8,000 “Caring Anti-pandemic Gift Packs”

Each gift pack contains supermarket, and health supplies, soup pack vouchers, a data SIM card and health protection items


Provision of Aid to the Affected Community Groups

•    1,300 frontline hygiene workers

•    700 drivers of designated “patient-transportation” 
      taxis and minibuses

•    2,000 low-income families with children 

•    4,000 senior citizens living alone in Kowloon East


Support on the Wellness of Children

•    Donating 1,500 playpacks to child patients 
     diagnosed with COVID-19 in hospitals

•    Arranging online interactive play sessions 
     for 2,000 underprivileged children


Donation of Funds in Shanghai

Donated RMB 2 million to provide targeted support to contain the spread of the virus in Jing’an and Xuhui Districts  


Support to Anti-Pandemic Measures in Shenyang

Donated RMB 400,000 to Shenhe District Government of Shenyang to finance 10 nucleic acid sampling stations

We deeply appreciate the donation of rapid antigen test kits made by Hang Lung. In the midst of this severe outbreak, their gift is timely and provides practical assistance to our child patients and their carers who need to come to the hospital for medical treatment and follow-up, and supports our infection control efforts.

Dr. Lee Tsz Leung

Hospital Chief Executive of Hong Kong Children’s Hospital

I am grateful for the strong support of Hang Lung and other enterprises 
in the development of Shenhe District. Amid challenges posed 
by the pandemic, we stand shoulder to shoulder to 
overcome difficulties and usher a new phase of 
accelerated economic growth.

Mr. Yuhang Lin

District Mayor of the Shenhe District People’s Government