Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program

Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program

Advancing with the times, women are playing increasingly important roles in the family and the workplace. However, they continue to be presented with challenges in their personal and professional development. Initiated and organized by Hang Lung Properties, and co-organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Leadership Institute, the Xuhui District and Jing’an District Women's Federation in Shanghai, the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program is a nationwide community investment project to unleash the potential of the next generation of women, support them to break through psychological barriers and equip them to be future leaders who can make better decisions for the world.

As a vital initiative in Hang Lung’s sustainability commitment, the “Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program” actively engages government, industry, and society to promote and support women’s development while enhancing community wellbeing.

Recap Video of the Inaugural Program


Program Features

Social Impact of the Inaugural Program

Female Universities Students across the Nation

Elite Women Mentors with Diverse Backgrounds

Leadership Training Hours

Mentorship Hours

Sustainable Community Projects

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Being Covered

Beneficiaries, Including the Youth, Underprivileged Women, the Elderly, Ethnic Minorities, Among Others

The ‘Hang Lung Future Women Leaders’ program organized by Hang Lung Properties is very meaningful. I believe even the mentors can gain from it, adding new elements to their personal development from which they will be able to pass on the courage and perseverance of women in pursuing continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning. I have high hopes for this program and I wish all the mentors and friends participating in the program a bright future.

Ms. Louise Ho Pui Shan, CDSM, CMSM,

the first female Commissioner of the Customs and Excise Department

The Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program empowers female university students to take their place in the workplace and the world. We are so thankful to all sectors of society who have shown such care for the growth of the next generation of women and for community wellbeing. We hope their participation in community investment initiatives, like Hang Lung’s pioneering efforts in this Program, will actively support and promote the growth of young women to play a greater role in society.

Ms. Li Ming

Vice President of the Shanghai Women's Federation

Sharing by Mentees

"The proportion of women in the career field I aspire to is not very high, but many of the mentors in the project are successful women leaders who served as a great inspiration and encouragement to us, making us feel more confident in our own future."

"The program cultivated our leadership skills and confidence by participation in several months of continuous training and culminating in collaboration on a project with mentors and teammates, creating a positive impact on our future career development."

"Through this program organized by Hang Lung, I have made like-minded friends, met many elite women leaders in society, and discovered companions around me who are also concerned about women's roles in society."

"The program has cultivated my patience in handling tasks, which helps my personal growth. The senior professionals have also given me the courage to face uncertainty, allowing me to make mistakes and bear the cost of trial and error."

Sharing by Mentors

“University students nowadays are very intelligent and can easily grasp goals. Young people should search for jobs that interest them. They should not be afraid to try, but rather move forward courageously. Life is full of setbacks, and this is part of the journey.”

"I can see the mentees' enthusiasm and concern for the challenges faced by the world and society, and their desire to make a change. They have demonstrated a great team spirit in balancing their studies and the project. Their courage is truly commendable."

“We should provide more opportunities for young people, they know how to make the most of them. During the community project, they carefully considered the needs of the beneficiaries, and this spirit is worthy of admiration.”

“Seeking the help of a mentor is a good way for young people to deal with uncertainty. This is also why I became a mentor for the program without hesitation. I sincerely hope that every young woman can grow with confidence and determination, and bloom into her full potential.”

“Seeing the mentees become more confident in their personal growth and future career development during the project, and more responsible for the development of society, I am proud of them. This will become a profound and significant part of their journey of growth.”

"The mentees were relatively timid, but it is obvious that their confidence has greatly improved at the end of the project. I hope that they can remember the encouragement they received during the project and continue to move forward with courage."

“I want to thank Hang Lung Properties, the Women's Federation, and YiShe. Your commitment and actions have shown us a more fair and hopeful future, and let's work together to move women forward.”