New-look Grand Gateway 66 Unveiled as Landmark Luxury Retail Destination

Corporate Update | Nov 1, 2020

Since opening its doors 20 years ago, Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai has continuously strived to improve the shopping experience of its customers in order to retain its crown as a landmark shopping center in Shanghai. After a 3.5-year large-scale Asset Enhancement Initiative (AEI), Grand Gateway 66 is now being transformed with a new “GATEWAY TO INSPIRATION” concept. The aim is to provide customers with a high-end, exquisite shopping and consumer experience, which will further consolidate the development’s leading position among top-tier shopping malls. With the mall’s “GATEWAY TO INSPIRATION” concept perfectly manifested in a new architectural design and brand portfolio, along with unique brand strategies, Grand Gateway 66 has been upgraded as a five-star mall, and is an eye-catching landmark in Xuhui District and Shanghai as a whole.

Unprecedented Launch Party

To celebrate the grand re-opening of Grand Gateway 66, a vibrant “GATEWAY TO INSPIRATION” launch party was held on November 19. The mall was transformed into a scene of dazzling festivities, where customers were delighted by live performances, interactive entertainment and exclusive limited-edition items. Grand Gateway 66 has collaborated with leading high-end brands to present exclusive, first-release and limited-edition collections from across the country and around the world, combined with spectacular shows, fun brand activities and interesting interactive experiences. Popular celebrities and KOLs joined the party to witness the transformation of Grand Gateway 66 – a place where fashion and luxury combine for a shopping experience unmatched in Shanghai.


Grand Gateway 66 held its “GATEWAY TO INSPIRATION” launch party to celebrate the completion of its large-scale AEI and the 60th Anniversary of Hang Lung Group

Our Chair Sent His Congratulations for the Re-opening of Grand Gateway 66 in a Special Video

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Chair, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, was unable to travel to Shanghai in person to celebrate the re-opening of Grand Gateway 66. Instead, Ronnie recorded a short video to celebrate this remarkable achievement. He said the re-opening was particularly meaningful as it coincided with the 60th Anniversary of the Hang Lung Group. He said: “Grand Gateway 66 was our first commercial complex in mainland China. I still remember when we bought the plot back in December 1992. Over the past three decades, we have witnessed the rapid development of Shanghai and the growth of the luxury goods market in mainland China.”
He also said: “We have full confidence in the luxury goods market in China and the enhancement project at Grand Gateway 66 is of great importance to us. Today, we are presenting to Xuhui district citizens and Shanghai citizens the brand-new face of Grand Gateway 66 as a five-star shopping mall.”
Please click here to watch the video of our Chair, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, celebrating the re-opening of Grand Gateway 66.


Since the second quarter of 2017, Grand Gateway 66 had been undergoing a large-scale AEI. The mall has had a facelift in terms of both its exterior architectural design and tenant mix within the mall

A Focal Point with a Brand New Image

Grand Gateway 66 has undergone comprehensive upgrades. Not only has its architectural appearance been completely reshaped, but its tenant mix, supported by a collection of themed brands, has also been carefully reconstructed, which will further consolidate its high-end positioning. The people-oriented design of Grand Gateway 66 reflects its vitality and contemporary flair, to meet the tastes and requirements of the mall’s young customer base. At the same time, efforts have been made to optimize the brand portfolio and business strategy, with major themes including fashion apparel, watches and jewelry, sports and fitness, cultural entertainment, digital home appliances and children’s products. Nearly 400 specialty stores have been established in themed areas on various floors, where customers are provided with personalized, one-stop services that allow Hang Lung’s customer-centric approach to be put into practice.


The contrast between the bronze columns and the plain walls and floor brings a contemporary elegance to the mall, while the customized hexagonal lighting devices and light troughs, combined with solid wooden handrails and door handles, exude a unique sense of originality and refinement


The interior space of the mall has been re-designed to facilitate easier movement between different floors and shops


A number of major brands took part in the celebrations, with exclusive in-store activities aimed at providing a personalized experience for each guest

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