“Customer Centricity” Leads to Extraordinary Shopping Experiences and Brings Vibrance to Cities

Feature Story | Dec 19, 2022

Upholding “Customer Centricity” as one of our core values, Hang Lung has always sought opportunities to work with tenant partners to bring customers unique shopping, leisure and entertainment experiences. Annual high-profile, top fashion events like Plaza 66’s “Home to Luxury” Party and Grand Gateway 66’s “Gateway to Inspiration” in Shanghai attract worldwide attention as they connect our most distinguished patrons with our world-class tenants. 

Experiences that Money Can’t Buy

At the pinnacle of Shanghai’s high-end fashion and lifestyle offering, Plaza 66 continues to seek breakthroughs in delivering the best-of-the-best experience to customers. At the annual star-studded “Home to Luxury” Party, guests were treated to a rich array of exclusive, first-release and limited-edition items in collaboration with the mall’s stellar cast of renowned international brands. For loyal patrons at this level, value is found not in promotions but in exclusivity. The mall seeks to curate unique, prestigious experiences that are highly personalized and intimate, like the private dinner hosted in collaboration with distinguished luxury brand, Chanel, and a number of other exclusive, invitation-only events presented by esteemed brands for VIC members.

Key Figures about “Home to Luxury” Party

This year’s concept of three-day “Home to Luxury” Party was themed “Cruise to the Future”
A number of fashionistas were invited to join the lively “Home to Luxury” Party to share the fun with their fans on social media
Multi-talented musician Henry Lau lit up the stage with his exciting performances
Interesting and interactive installations decked each floor of the shopping mall to enrich the shopping experience

Diverse Shopping Experiences to Drive New Trends

Positioned as the “Gateway to Inspiration”, Grand Gateway 66 strives to bring customers a diverse shopping experience with emphasis on both timeless luxury and trendsetting style. In a first for a high-end shopping mall, Grand Gateway 66 collaborated with a popular comedy company to present exclusive stand-up comedy performances for visitors to the mall. Understanding the needs of the new generation of young and savvy shoppers, the mall took an innovative approach to customer engagement with cross-sectoral collaborations including creating a special-edition soft drink with a drinks manufacturer as a souvenir for shoppers. Each floor of the mall also hosted interactive installations and booths to engage visitors with fun, trendy activities while they shop.

Key Figures about “Gateway to Happiness”

Grand Gateway 66 organized its anniversary celebration with the theme “Gateway to Happiness” to bring vibrance to the city
A popular comedy company presented a stand-up comedy show
More than 140 brands launched exciting activities such as floats, coffee and drinks carts, balloon distribution, member workshops, check-in points and interactive installations
Chaumet’s Chaumet Library was launched at Grand Gateway 66, the first stop on its national tour, attracting many customers to check-in and take photos
Limited edition soft drinks with trendy taglines were made by Aquarius, a soft drinks manufacturer
An NFT experience installation was created to provide customers an experience of this new digital phenomenon where they got to design their own NFT avatars

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