A One and Only Hang Lung-branded Halloween Experience

Feature Story | Nov 1, 2018

Elves and zombies were here to bring a series of fun activities and push the Halloween vibe to the max! Crowds of customers flocked to Hang Lung's malls in Hong Kong and on the Mainland for a chance to meet these adorable monsters and scary zombies!

The Monster Hunt
The intriguingly themed event, The Monster Hunt, was the first in+E1stallation exhibition in China of THE MONSTERS – characters designed by famous picture book and toy designer Mr. Kashing Lung. With the special Halloween look, the naughty little elves including LABUBU, TYCOCO, PIPPO, YAYA, and MONSTER BOY terrorized a total of six cities with their charm and kick-started a cross-city Monster Hunt!

Visit Monsters' Homes For Fun Hunt
The special exhibition featured LABUBU House and TYCOCO House, both delivering unique interactive experiences through installation games. At LABUBU House, customers had to challenge "throwing bean bags" and "ball fishing" games with their sharp hand-eye coordination. On the other side at TYCOCO House, a fun puzzle game was ready to mess with shoppers' minds! Intrepid customers also tip-toed into the large-scale Monster Diary installation for a photo-taking adventure with THE MONSTERS.

More and More
The malls also organized a series of exciting weekend activities throughout October. Making pumpkin lanterns and witches' hats, as well as free face-painting and makeup classes only added more fun to the festival. During the event, collaborations with tenants presented an array of limited offers and special menus, and even special Trick-or-Treat parades led by elves and witches. What's more, a special online game was designed for customers to "hunt" THE MONSTERS with their phones for promotion offers. What a gift for the celebration of Halloween!

Fashion Walk: Halloween Styloween Hong Kong Zombie Walk
The annual Halloween Styloween celebration returned to Fashion Walk for the fifth year! This year, the giant Optical Serpent and monstrous dancers led the Styloween Parade and scared their way through the streets of Causeway Bay. The Black Maze has been set up for the ultimate vision-loss experience with some exciting screams. Fashion Walk also collaborated with Zombie Walk, a movement that promotes optical health, to host the first ever Halloween Styloween Hong Kong Zombie Walk on October 26 (Friday). Joined by over 500 participants, the meaningful event raised funds for Orbis.

Amoy Plaza: Halloween Haunted Inflatable Wonderland
This year, Amoy Plaza presented the Halloween Haunted Inflatable Wonderland featuring an exciting inflatable trampoline and festive decorations for families to create unforgettable moments with their little ones.

The event that was most worth looking forward to was the outdoor Halloween party on October 28 (Sunday). Three hours of street magic performances and circus shows as well as a flash mob performance by children from Bloom Dance Academy, and trick-or-treat candies from the Pumpkin Man and witches heightened the party atmosphere.

Kornhill Plaza: Walking into Starfy's Adventure Land
Designed by Korean designer team RACCOON FACTORY, the naughty starfish character Starfy transformed itself into a zombie, a mummy, and a witch, and hid at different corners of Kornhill Plaza waiting to take photos with fans! While customers enjoyed the adventure with Starfy, the mall collaborated with tenants to host a series of workshops for little adventurers to create their own Starfy face masks and light clay models to take home with them!

Grand Plaza, Hollywood Plaza and Gala Place: Demon Band JagzZ Invades Mong Kok with Rock "n" Roll
This Halloween, the heavy beat of Rock "n" Roll hit Mong Kok with JagzZ, a demon band designed by famous Japanese illustrator Kurosawa Katsuya, for a one-of-a-kind celebration the town would never forget! At Grand Plaza, customers turned themselves into wild drummer BallaN, hitting beats for guitarist VareL at the interactive game, Halloween Rock Drummer. The better they hit, the higher their scores as they aimed to get enough for limited edition JagzZ-themed gifts. Of course, VareL showed up in person for fun with his fans and to share the joy of Halloween!

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