A New Force Empowered to Explore Boundless Possibilities

Feature Story | Sep 29, 2023

This summer, Hang Lung welcomed 17 management trainees and 33 interns to join our various teams across Hong Kong and the Mainland. Through a range of multifaceted activities, this batch of “freshmen” have been empowered with the skills and confidence to unleash their potential and explore the boundless possibilities in their career development.

Management Trainee (MT) Program

We organized the first week-long orientation training in Shanghai, which included:

  • Dialogue with management
  • The operation and function briefings
  • Workplace etiquette
  • Business writing skills
  • Site visit to Company portfolios
  • Self-awareness and Team communication

These courses enhanced MTs’ understanding of the Company’s mission and business direction, providing them with insights into market trends to establish a solid foundation for their long-term growth within the Company.

Internship Program


Diverse Recruitment Channel

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity, allowing each student to showcase their strengths. We participated in “The Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland and Overseas 2023”, an HKSAR government initiative, to provide Hong Kong students internship opportunities to work in Hang Lung’s properties on the Mainland. We collaborated with non-profit organizations from Hong Kong and the Mainland to give young and ambitious individuals with Special Educational Needs (SEN) the chance to embark on this journey of professional growth. We also enrolled participants from the “Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program” to empower female talent.

Team Project

During the two-month journey, the interns were empowered to work as a team on a specific project. They chose their own project topics and gathered insights from respective departments to devise solutions. The approach allowed them to gain valuable problem-solving experience and take ownership of their work.

Project Greenboard


As we nurture young talents, we also prioritize their awareness in community wellbeing. This year, our management trainees and interns took the lead in an inspiring initiative titled “Project Greenboard”, delivering over 20 free classes to over 200 underprivileged children aged 6-12 in Hong Kong and 9 cities across Mainland.

MTs & Interns’ Insights


Bianca Chan, MT 2023

The training courses provided by the Company, such as business etiquette and business writing skills, have honed my professional skills.


Sebastian Wong, MT 2023

As a previous intern in 2022, I acquired skills that I now utilize as a management trainee. Within the short span of just over a month at the Company, I had the opportunity to emcee for different events, enhancing my speaking skills and confidence.


Cecile Zhang, MT 2023

I believe that after my rotations in Retail Leasing, Service Delivery and Marketing Department, I am able to understand how we operate our business from different perspectives. Moreover, during communications with colleagues from various departments, I have enhanced my leadership skills and learning capabilities.


Luana Chan, Intern 2023

Leasing Department, Heartland 66, Wuhan

Having the opportunity to intern in mainland China is an incredibly valuable learning experience that allows me to immerse myself in different workplace cultures and broaden my horizons.


Eric Liu, Intern 2023

Sustainability Team, HQ (SH)

In my internship experience, I participated in the discussion on the New Model of Sustainability Partnership with LVMH Group, which makes me feel very fulfilled.


Angela Sze, Intern 2023

Marketing Department, Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai

The guidance, support, and care of my colleagues have helped me grasp my job responsibilities and swiftly adapt to the new environment.

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