Together, We Fight Against COVID-19

Corporate Update | Mar 1, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread, Hang Lung teams across Hong Kong and mainland China have been pulling together to do what they can to help contain the novel coronavirus. Since the early days of the outbreak, we have taken precautionary measures to safeguard the health of our employees, customers and tenants. We also launched the “Hang Lung Novel Coronavirus Relief Fund”, with a donation of RMB 10 million, in support of measures to contain the epidemic. This help is being provided by our staff volunteers in collaboration with community groups. In light of the strain many of our tenants are facing at this time, we are also offering rent relief to ease their operational pressures.
Be Customer Centric
Customer-centricity is at the heart of our operations. We have taken steps to safeguard the health of our customers and tenants in all our malls, office towers and common areas. We have also launched promotions to encourage online shopping and takeaway services, providing convenience to meet their practical needs from home.
A Safe Shopping and Working Environment
Full precautionary measures have been taken at all our properties across mainland China and Hong Kong. These include increasing the frequency of thorough sanitization at our malls, office towers and common areas; stepping up sanitization of ventilation systems with fresh air intake to improve air quality; providing hand sanitizers and thermometers at our malls; as well as requiring all staff to check their temperature before coming to work and when arriving at work locations. Staff are also required to wash their hands and wear facemasks when on duty.
Work Closely with Local Governments
Our malls in mainland China have been working closely with local governments to make sure all measures are in place to contain the spread of COVID-19. Center 66 in Wuxi and Riverside 66 in Tianjin, which were temporarily closed due to the outbreak, have now resumed operations in line with guidance from local governments. During their closure period, these two malls still implemented full precautionary and hygiene measures.
Around-the-Clock Shopping and Dining Experiences
In collaboration with our tenants, our mainland China and Hong Kong malls have introduced a range of online shopping campaigns and takeaway services, along with shopping promotions and discounts, to offer customers convenience and meet their practical needs.
Hang Lung e-Privilege has launched its new takeaway and self pick-up platform, providing restaurant takeaway information from our seven malls in Hong Kong. Hang Lung e-Privilege is also giving away 3,500 e-vouchers every Monday to allow customers to enjoy more than 70 restaurants offering Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Italian cuisine with up to 30% discount.
Besides, we also partner with food delivery platform Deliveroo to promote delivery service.
Love is All Around
They are the unsung heroes of our cities – delivery people, couriers and security guards – who have been key contributors to the fight against the spread of the COVID-19. So, as a way of saying a big, warm thank-you, Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai and We Media "Shanghaiquanzi" have set up an unmanned stall at its office towers, providing these special people with free hot drinks and food. This caring gesture has won the support of Shanghai citizens, and the idea is catching on. It has already been extended to other communities, with Olympia 66 in Dalian and Palace 66 in Shenyang opening their own unmanned stalls.
Care for the Community
Hang Lung has long been committed to corporate social responsibility. Capitalizing on our corporate resources and our strong network, we encourage our staff in Hong Kong and mainland China to contribute to the communities in which we operate, working closely with our community partners.
Between late February and early March, the "Hang Lung Novel Coronavirus Relief Fund" was used to support a series of volunteering activities in collaboration with our volunteers and various stakeholders in order to stem the spread of COVID-19. Health and food kits were delivered to over 10,000 beneficiaries across various sectors in Hong Kong and mainland China. Our Hang Lung As One volunteer teams on the ground helped with coordination, and with the packaging and distribution of the kits.
Hong Kong
With protective resources in short supply locally, we purchased 2,000 sets of health and food kits (containing surgical masks, sanitizers, rice, cooking oil, and dry food). These were distributed to elderly people in need and underprivileged families in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Northern District and Sham Shui Po. We worked in collaboration with the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association on this project.
In early March, our teams across seven cities, namely Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian and Kunming, distributed health and food kits to over 8,000 frontline healthcare professionals and community support staff in collaboration with our tenants, local governments and charitable organizations.
From the "Hang Lung Novel Coronavirus Relief Fund", Hang Lung donated RMB 6 million to the Leishenshan Hospital through the Wuhan Benevolent General Association, in support of measures to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus and provide a stable supply of health-protection equipment. The donation was gratefully recognized by the Wuhan government and the Wuhan Benevolent General Association.
Care about People
The dedication and commitment of our staff is at the heart of the company’s success. We want to publicly give thanks for the collaboration and concerted efforts of our colleagues in mainland China and Hong Kong, especially our professional, customer-centric frontline staff, who have worked tirelessly to maintain normal business operations as far as possible during this period. Other than implementing various measures including making good use of IT and adopting flexible work arrangements to safeguard the health of our staff and maintain our productivity, the company has also taken various initiatives to show its care to our colleagues.
Offering Support to Our Colleagues
Warm and caring anti-epidemic packs have been distributed to colleagues in Hong Kong and mainland China to encourage colleagues to pull together and face these challenging times as a team.
To show our support and gratitude to our dedicated colleagues in mainland China, we have presented gift kits and prepared special meals for them.
Health and Safety Tips
Human Resources Department regularly provides health and safety tips to ensure our colleagues to stay alert about health and personal hygiene.

Let’s work together, with a strong team spirit, to get through this difficult time!

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