Delivering Excellence: Hang Lung People’s Commitment to Customer-Centricity

Hang Lung People | Dec 20, 2023

Hang Lung introduced its Customer Engagement Initiatives (CEI) this year with the aim of enhancing our service standards and providing customers with exceptional service experiences while adhering to our principle of “customer-centricity.” For this edition of Connections, we spoke with two Service Delivery colleagues who actively participated in the CEI program. They participated in scenario training and role-playing exercises to perfect their customer service skills and inspire their colleagues to raise their overall work standards.

Exceptional service goes beyond maintaining a clean environment; it encompasses intangible elements such as demeanor and grooming.


Sophia Fan, Assistant Manager – Service Delivery at Olympia 66 in Dalian, has been previously recognized for her exceptional customer service skills, honed during her tenures at renowned five-star hotels. During the launch of Olympia 66, Sophia played a vital role in establishing systematic and professional customer service training. Leveraging her previous experience, she collaborated with department managers to develop and refine the team’s training standards. Sophia also took on the responsibility of training her colleagues to help raise the overall service level within the team.

Sophia firmly believes that customer service is not a cryptic concept but a dynamic and ever-evolving process that must keep pace with the times. Implementing a standardized template enables colleagues to adopt a clear and organized approach.


Sophia (3rd row, 2nd from the right), emphasized that the CEI training employs visual learning through pictures and videos, along with scenario-based exercises, which enable colleagues to develop a concrete understanding of the standards and intricacies required in delivering exceptional service

According to Sophia, the CEI program is designed to establish consistent service standards that align with those of five-star hotels. This ensures that colleagues understand and implement a level of service that is on par with luxury brands, adhering to professional benchmarks. The program incorporates instructional videos, facilitating better comprehension and a deeper understanding among frontline staff. 

Sophia emphasizes that exceptional service goes beyond maintaining a clean environment; it encompasses intangible elements such as demeanor and grooming. Some colleagues may initially need help expressing themselves and initiating customer interactions. To address this, Sophia and her colleagues lead by example, directly greeting the cleaning staff during their patrols. By doing so, they serve as role models and guide their colleagues on effective ways to greet customers and engage in polite interactions. 

Sophia highlights the use of scenario training, which employs visual learning through pictures and videos to help colleagues grasp the specific requirements and attention to detail expected in service provision. Role-playing exercises and group activities are also employed, allowing colleagues to assess each other’s grooming standards and provide feedback on any blind spots, ensuring meticulousness in every aspect.

Paying attention to every word and action while treating others with thoughtfulness embodies the principle of ‘customer-centricity’.


Cassie Bu, who joined the customer service team at Plaza 66 in Shanghai over two years ago, has been working as a supervisor and "butler" for tenant services in the office tower. As a "butler," Cassie believes in applying meticulous attention to every detail of her work to ensure consistent quality, which is a key area of focus for the CEI. 

Reflecting on her participation in the program, she was impressed by how it integrated the service behavior module into every aspect of her work. This includes tasks like arranging parking for guests, welcoming them at the lobby entrance, providing guidance with gestures, maintaining an upright posture, and so on. Cassie believes that paying attention to every word and action while treating others with thoughtfulness embodies the principle of “customer-centricity.”

Cassie was honored with the prestigious “Golden Key” award by Golden Key China for her excellence in customer service. She believes that customer service is adaptable and should embrace technological advancements to enhance efficiency. For example, the company has introduced a mobile app for office tenants, helping them quickly address technical issues such as scheduling lampshade replacements or booking meeting rooms. Meanwhile, Cassie and her colleagues also provide personalized and considerate services to elevate the customer experience. 


Cassie (middle) was presented with a pennant for her assistance in retrieving a vital document for a tenant

When asked about a memorable experience, Cassie recounted a story involving a “treasure hunt” in the garbage pile. It turned out that a tenant had lost a critically important document containing business licenses for numerous companies. When the tenant approached Cassie three days later, they had no leads. Determined to assist, Cassie and her colleagues meticulously reviewed all CCTV footage from the past three days, including blind spots. Eventually, they discovered that a courier had dropped the document during the delivery, and the cleaning staff mistakenly disposed of it as trash. Cassie hurriedly searched the garbage room, and although the cleaning staff couldn’t recall the incident, they mentioned a small storage room where Cassie could independently investigate. Fortunately, Cassie located the document and the tenant expressed immense gratitude, even presenting her with a pennant. “At the time, even though the odds of finding it seemed slim, I held onto a glimmer of hope. I was genuinely happy to have been able to assist the tenant.”

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