Extraordinary Years of Service Instrumental to the Company's Growth

Hang Lung People | Mar 30, 2023

Chan Kam Shing (front row, 3rd from left) has served Hang Lung for 40 years and is one of the Company's longest-serving employees

Every colleague’s contribution is instrumental to Hang Lung’s growth. The Company presented the Long Service Award to 173 employees in recognition of their loyalty and selfless devotion this year. Connections invited four of the awardees to share their stories with us.

“Master Shing” is one of the Company’s longest-serving employees. After spending his prime years at Hang Lung, a stable and happy work environment is key for him because it allows him to “take responsibility for his family and give his children a good education.”

Chan Kam Shing (Master Shing)

Hong Kong Business Operation

Year of Service: 40

Jojo said the support of her supervisors and colleagues is one of the driving forces behind her work, “My supervisors are always willing to share their experience in property management and customer service, so that we can strive for excellence. When faced with challenges, colleagues work together to solve problems.”

Jojo Cho

Hong Kong Business Operation

Year of Service: 30

Kan said that Hang Lung has offered timely training courses to ensure the safety of its staff, tenants and the communities. Hang Lung also puts its “Care about People” philosophy into practice. During the fight against COVID-19, Hang Lung provided anti-pandemic supplies to protect frontline staff and their families.

Chan Mun Kan (Kan)

Hong Kong Business Operation

Year of Service: 20

David joined the Hang Lung Management Trainee Program after graduating from university, and now he is a member of the Company’s management team. During the past 15 years, he took advantage of the opportunities brought by his job, including job rotations within the Finance Department and relocation to Mainland properties, which have constantly brought fresh insights into his work. Through these years, he has grown from learning to comprehend financial data to presenting meaningful business context through the financial reports.

David Tang

Finance Department

Year of Service: 15

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