Management Thinking Transformation Takes Teams to New Heights

Hang Lung People | Jun 30, 2023

The Leadership Development Program enables key talents to achieve long-term growth alongside the sustainable development of the Company

At Hang Lung, we believe in nurturing our employees’ talents by offering customized courses to help them grow both professionally and personally. Following the successful launch of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) series in 2021, we introduced the Leadership Development Program for Executive Leaders (LDP-EL) last year to enhance capability in strategic vision and thinking in management and innovation among key talents, preparing them for taking on greater responsibilities and contributing to the sustainable growth of the Company.


Two Executive Leaders, Mr. Jimmy Hong, General Manager – Westlake 66, Hangzhou, and Ms. Trista Suen, Deputy General Manager – Portfolio Support of Service Delivery Department, who completed the LDP-EL program, shared with Connections how the program has transformed their management thinking.


Jimmy, who has been with the Company for almost ten years and is now in charge of Westlake 66 in Hangzhou, is keen on exploring new ways of working while emphasizing the practicality of implementing ideas. The project is currently under development and is expected to be completed in phases from 2024 onwards.


According to Jimmy, the LDP-EL has provided him with a great opportunity to experiment and has enabled him to become more proficient in managing the Hangzhou project


Jimmy (1st from the left) said that the LDP-EL has taught him how to empower his team, giving them the opportunity to excel

According to Jimmy, the LDP-EL has provided him with a panoramic view of the Company in terms of its business direction and vision, and has deepened his understanding of various topics such as sustainability. “For example, our sustainability partnership with LVMH Group is a breakthrough in the industry, and there are many actions that have to be taken, step-by-step, to achieve our sustainability goals. The program helped me to systematically incorporate ideas into our project that will accelerate the Company’s sustainability agenda,” said Jimmy.

LDP-EL has provided me with a panoramic view that deepens my understanding of the working connections between departments.

Trista, who joined the Company in mid-2021 at the Hong Kong Headquarters, is responsible for providing professional property management advice to projects on the Mainland. The LDP-EL has broadened her horizons in terms of innovative leadership and has helped her adjust her management thinking which benefits her team members as well.


Trista (1st from the left) appreciates that the program has helped her adjust her management thinking and learn to think from two levels above to get a bigger picture of the issues


Trista (front row, 2nd from the left) said that sharing the knowledge she learned from the program with her team has helped improve work efficiency

Trista shared an example - she used to give solutions to her colleagues when they sought help in the past, but now she thinks from two levels above to get a bigger picture of the issues in order to guide her colleagues’ thinking by asking questions as a form of guidance.

The program not only helps to enhance our own knowledge and skills, our teams also benefit.

During the eight-month program, the Executive Leaders had to complete a challenging project while juggling their daily workloads. For Jimmy, the LDP-EL has helped him improve his time management skills and learn to delegate more responsibilities to his team, helping them grow. Trista, on the other hand, enjoyed the experience and found it to be a great way to unwind while learning new knowledge and perspectives.


Jimmy and Trista agreed that the opportunity to meet colleagues from different projects and functions was one of the program’s highlights. They felt that communication and coordination between departments has become more efficient after completing the program.


Leadership Development Program (LDP)

The Leadership Development Program is a series of acceleration programs designed to support our key talents in various stages of their leadership development journey in Hang Lung.


During the LDP, all participants were required to engage in self-directed learning by completing a challenge project on a specific topic, which gave them the opportunity to learn and share knowledge with each other


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