Thinking Out of the Box and Making Breakthroughs, Redefining the Meaning of Customer Service

Hang Lung People | Jun 1, 2022

“Receiving the gratitude of others brings me a great sense of satisfaction and motivation.”

Finding a job you love isn’t easy. It is even harder to find a job that allows you to make breakthroughs. In this issue, we feature Lo Ka Yee, Senior Concierge at Kornhill Plaza in Hong Kong to share how she has broken through traditional concepts of service and redefined customer experience management by thinking out of the box.

Ka Yee loves her job as a customer service practitioner because she really enjoys engaging with people. Her cheerful personality and treating everyone like a friend have won her a lot of love and trust from customers. She pointed out that customer service staff receive a lot of enquiries every day, yet some questions or problems can be solved by thinking out of the box or making good use of different equipment and technology. This makes the customer experience more than just about good service. Outside of work, Ka Yee says she also tries to constantly improve herself and break through her own limitations. She enjoys hiking to stay fit and learn the virtue of patience, and even went on a life-changing skydiving experience! Inspired by her mother’s passions and courage, Ka Yee not only broke through the fears, but also developed good personality traits following her role model. Ka Yee mother’s words of wisdom and advice always offers her a new perspective and inspire her to think out of the box to provide better customer service.


Ka Yee is learning patience from the hiking trails, which helps her handle her daily work


Ka Yee watches and follows her mother’s example of what it means to be a mature, open-minded, and brave woman

With the excellent customer service performance, Ka Yee was promoted to Senior Concierge in 2021 and won the Merit Award at the 2020-2021 Hang Lung Emerald Award.

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