Kenneth Chiu, Our New Chief Financial Officer, Seize the Moment and Do the Right Thing

Hang Lung People | Mar 1, 2022

Many people may think that finance and accounting are conservative and monotonous, but our new Chief Financial Officer Mr. Kenneth Chiu has another perspective on the financial field that he has worked in for over 20 years.

Kenneth started off his career as an auditor with a renowned multinational accounting firm where he went through many tough challenges. The job provided him opportunities to gain a thorough understanding of the work culture and societal developments in mainland China. With a keen interest in developing his career in the investment field, he went to London Business School to complete a Master’s degree in Finance, following related work experience in Deutsche Bank AG and Temasek Holdings.

The ever-changing investment market has reminded him that embracing change and catching the right time are always the best strategies for financial controlling and investment management. “A CFO is like a midfielder in a soccer game, supporting the CEO to achieve his goals,” said Kenneth.

Before joining us, Kenneth was the CFO of Gaw Capital Partners, where he worked on investments around the world and handled transactions of hundreds of billions of dollars. The eight-year journey there has broadened his horizons and strengthened his attitude towards embracing uncertainties and challenges. Kenneth is grateful to have been appointed by the Board of Directors to his new role in Hang Lung, and is looking forward to creating greater value for the Group with his motto “Do the Right Thing!”.

Kenneth is keen on traveling and learning new things in his journeys

During leisure time, Kenneth loves to go hiking and meet new friends

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