H.C. Ho, The Then Chief Financial Officer – Hold on to Your Beliefs and Bring Forth New Ideas

Hang Lung People | Mar 1, 2022

Mr. H.C. Ho, the then Chief Financial Officer (CFO), retired in February after being a part of the Hang Lung family for nearly 14 years. Taking care of the Company’s finances was only part of his job and his work spanned from planning and strategy to support the Company’s business expansion to the management of the Information Technology (IT) and Property Sales operations.


Since joining the Company in 2008, he saw the need for more capital funds to support Hang Lung’s strategic expansion in mainland China. One of his most unforgettable memories was raising HK$11 billion for the Company in November 2010 through placement of shares globally convinced the Board to broaden the source of raising funds through the establishment of the Medium Term Note (MTN) program, which enabled the Company subsequently raising billions of dollars of funds from the global bond market. HC always held fast to the belief that must add value, and demonstrate our We Do It Well philosophy. “If you think that something that is beneficial to the Company, strive to achieve it no matter how difficult,” he said.

Thanks to the trust of our management and the Board of Directors, HC successfully launched various financial initiatives in the Company

HC believes the spirit of collaboration amongst his team and across departments was the key to its success

During his tenure, HC masterminded changing the Company’s fiscal period end date to December 31 from June 30 and publishing financial results within one month after the end of each financial period starting from Company2011. He was also in charge of generating significant amount of cash to pay for our Mainland expansions through selling off non-core assets and completed residential properties such as The HarbourSide and The Long Beach and 23-39 Blue Pool Road since 2012.


While HC was always keen to strive for continuous improvements, he also frequently reminded his team members to take good care of their health when working hard to achieve the goals. He retired just as the pandemic began to hit Hong Kong hard, and he would like to leave some words of encouragement to all his former colleagues, “Let’s prepare for the bright journey ahead when the current storm is behind us,” HC said.

HC is looking forward to picking up his interest in traveling and photography again after the pandemic

HC hopes to give back to the society after his retirement. The photo shows his participation in an activity with the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team

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