Hang Lung Accelerates Transformative Changes for Sustainability

Sustainability | Sep 29, 2023

ReThink HK is one of Hong Kong’s best-attended events for sustainable development. As a Tier 1 sponsor of this year’s event, we shared our unique perspectives on a range of sustainability topics.


Mr. John Haffner, Deputy Director – Sustainability, shared the challenges we faced on our decarbonization journey as well as some tips in the Beyond the Scope: Accelerating Decarbonization Across the Value Chain panel session:

  1. Engage top management and seek internal buy-in early.
  2. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Start with pilots. Be ready to iterate.

In the Community Making: Creating a Culture for Social and Economic Value Creation panel session, Ms. Vera Wu, Deputy Director – Mainland Business Operation, encouraged everyone involved to keep exploring, pioneering, and influencing others on this value co-creation journey.


In the Rethinking Workplace Culture in the New Normal panel session, Ms. Maggie Ma, General Manager – Corporate Communications, spoke about the importance of cultivating a corporate culture driven by a sense of purpose in the new normal.


In the Embracing the Future of a Smart Green City: Green Solutions and Materials panel session, Ms. Carmen Ng, Deputy General Manager – Sustainability, shared the approaches and initiatives we took in the resource management aspect, and stressed the importance of safety for all building users, both inside and outside the buildings.

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